I was vacationing in Rimini, Italy and watched some Italians on the beach playing bocce for a few hours and pretty much having the time of their lives. I left intrigued by the game.

A few years later my friend Kirk Thompson and I stumbled up 2 Italian Canadians playing bocce on Siesta Key beach in Sarasota FL which is HQ for us. "Joe" who is a legend to us, cordially invited us to play and teach us the game. We won 15-14 and we were hooked.

We then started playing regularly with this group of seniors but got bored rolling back and forth 25-30 feet. They used a small white ball (pallino) as the object ball. I decided to 'acquire' a 5 ball from a local pool hall for much longer throws and visibility. Bocce Xtreme was born!

As an avid athlete of MANY sports in my life, Bocce Xtreme is as fun as any sport I've ever played and very well might be the next big sport in America and beyond.

James Denner

Founder, Bocce Xtreme